Public Administration

Improve citizen satisfaction and participation with nixi1

The only tool that facilitates citizen service, speeds up responses and improves service evaluation.

Enabling instant messaging channels opens up the conversation with citizens. nixi1 helps you to manage it easily and efficiently.

It is a software made with a great sense of UX that makes users feel very comfortable from the very first moment. We have found that the learning curve in this regard is really amazing.

Mario Laga

Business Partner, DKV

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Trained Chatbot Assisted Care

Our Chatbot reduces the workload of the official for the attention of queries, automating the answers to the citizen's frequently asked questions.


Secure collection via chat

The easy configuration of your own POS and the generation of payment links, allows secure payment to the citizen without having to leave the chat.


Chat Marketing

Program the sending of mass or segmented messages through 4 instant messaging channels, generating more engagement with customers and new sales for the company.


Agile incident management

Receiving files in multiple formats speeds up the documentation of incidents such as faults, breakdowns, accidents or theft.

Omni, Pluri and Metachannel

Enable SMS numbers, WhatsApp or FB Messenger or Telegram IDs, and manage all chats from a single dashboard.

Immediate activation

You will be able to start enjoying the main functionalities of the tool immediately, without the intervention of programmers or computer scientists.

Multi-level organisation

5 levels of management roles and 3 levels of TSS centres to organise it with as many teams, brands or delegations as you want.

Facilitates teleworking

You will be able to grow your teams beyond the confines of your offices, while reducing operational costs.


Integrate nixi1 with the technologies your business uses

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Regulatory compliance

Designed in compliance with international regulations and legislation such as the RGPD.

Local technical support

24/7 assistance for you and your team, in Spanish, with local presence in Spain.

Extreme cyber security

Certified with the highest level of IT security (PCI DSS, ISO 27000).

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