Hotels and rural accommodation

Increase guest satisfaction while reducing reception funnels.

The only communication tool that streamlines guest service and improves staff productivity.

With the chat manager of nixi1 manage all instant messaging conversations from a single dashboard, improving service and revenue for the establishment.

nixi1 allows us to prioritise messages and answer them quickly. The voice audio option is very convenient. The fact that everything is recorded helped us a lot internally between shifts when there has been a problem with a guest.

Paloma Alba

Agroturismo S'horabaixa

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Streamlined check-ins

Facilitates the collection of guest data and documentation prior to arrival for pre-check-in management and the reduction of reception funnels.


Assistance to the receptionist

Our Chatbot reduces the receptionist's workload in dealing with queries by automating responses to frequently asked customer questions.


Simplified check-outs

Enables "Express check-outs" by sending the invoice and avoiding congestion at reception, and generates direct links for the collection of the guest's consumption of extras.

Omni-channel simplified

Enable as many WhatsApp numbers, SMS, FB Messenger or Telegram IDs, and manage conversations from a single dashboard.


SaaS that offers plans for different types of businesses, with very competitive rates that scale with customer usage.

Multi-level organisation

5 levels of management roles and 3 levels of cost centres to organise the service with as many teams, brands or delegations as you want.

Immediate activation

In 10′ you can be solving instant messaging queries, without the need for IT staff to set it up.


Integrate nixi1 with the technologies your business uses

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Regulatory compliance

Designed in compliance with international regulations and legislation such as the RGPD.

Local technical support

24/7 assistance for you and your team, in Spanish, with local presence in Spain.

Extreme cyber security

Certified with the highest level of IT security (PCI DSS, ISO 27000).

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