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Conversational CRM

Chat Management

Unify all your communication channels in a single environment.

Chat Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

Why only do email marketing, go further!

Conversational CRM


Build quality customer relationships with conversational CRM


Business Intelligence

Have the information you need to make the best decisions



Automates communications and communication processes



Optimise your company by automating your business processes

Unique working environment for communication

Chat Management

All your company's communications are unified: your emails, ChatWeb messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS and even social media comments and DMs.

Omni, pluri and meta-channel

Omnichannel because it allows you to unify all your communication channels (Email, WhatsApp, Telegram, WebChat, social networks, SMS...).

Multichannel because you are not limited to a single id or number, add for example as many WhatsApp numbers or email addresses as you need.

Metachannel because it is not only a customer service tool, but can also be used for internal communication or communication with suppliers.

Unified user interface

Professionalise communication managing all your channels from one place.

WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Web Chat, SMS and IOS/Android App. All from the nixi1 environment.

Document library

A library of always up-to-date documents is quickly accessible and can be attached to the conversation with a click.

Presentations, dossiers, certifications, contracts...

Sending deferred messages

Rushing work out of hours? Don't want to disturb your client on their day off? Schedule your messages to be sent automatically on the day and time of your choice.

Register of activities

All actions are recorded: Operator assignment, payments made, actions of the Smart Chat

Assignment of conversations

Assignment of conversations per operator or group of operators for team work.

Do you still only do email marketing?

Omnichannel Marketing

Create, manage and monitor your push marketing campaigns through: Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and more.


Create lists of users that meet certain filters in the CRM or import your own databases to run campaigns from nixi1.

KPI analysis

Monitor and analyse the performance of your campaigns from our KPI dashboard.

Make the most of all your channels

Choose among all your channels which ones you are going to use and monitor separately the performance of each one: Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, App...

Customer service in the 21st century

Conversational CRM

All conversations with your customer unified: their emails, ChatWeb messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS and even social media comments and DMs.

Customer information

It avoids the customer having to repeat information. The assigned operator will have all the information he needs to provide the best possible assistance.

Find all customer information, internal notes and history in the conversation panel.

NPS Surveys

Create, send and monitor customer satisfaction surveys to keep track of the quality of support at all times.

Order and control

Three classification systems: Folders, labels and statuses.

Everything under control

Business Intelligence

Get all the performance information of your communication channels, sales and marketing campaigns in dashboards tailored to your company.


Customisable 100% control panels, get the information you need to make the best decisions. Monitor for example:

  • Communication channel with better ROI, satisfaction, etc.
  • The best customer service operators
  • Level of satisfaction of customers served (nps)
  • Average response time
  • Results of email and chat marketing campaigns
  • And much more

Find out what you can measure: Schedule a demo

ChatBots 2.0 with Artificial Intelligence


A AI customised and trained for your businessThe new, integrated, integrated, and global solution, which gives the answers your customer needs when they need them, and works globally, across all your channels.

ChatBot vs SmartChat

Move to SmartChat, new generation ChatBots 2.0 with generative language models and natural language processing.

Choose how

The virtual assistant recognises users' queries and answers them as a team with you, or for you in your absence. Configure the different modes, at your convenience and in the time slots of your choice.

Don't trust 100% in Artificial Intelligence? You can opt for the Virtual Assistant" modeThe AI will show you an answer to a customer's question, so you can edit it before answering.

Activate the Smart Chat mode"The AI can hold conversations interacting with your users and operators in a fully independent and efficient way.

Reduces workload

Let Smart Chat receive and redirect conversations to the appropriate department or operator automatically when the AI is unable to answer them.

ChatBot Builder

Create different processes and AI models according to your needs. For example one specially trained for your online shop chat and another one for support.

Want to see how it works?

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Business Process Management


Automate and simplify the management of business processes, customer service, sales and support, while offering new functionalities for your company.

Enables teleworking

Get the 100% implemented with nixi1. Schedule a demo and we explain how

Multi-level organisation

Get everything under control by organising your human resources into roles, teams, brands and delegations, with different capabilities.

Payments via chat

Easy configuration of own POS and generation of payment links, allows secure payment to the customer without leaving the chat.

APP nixi1

Unify communication with your customers by offering 24/7 customer service with nixi1.

With the nixi1 APP you will be able to unify the management of communications with your users and clients through the most popular messaging services such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS, Email or even your own instant messaging application.

You will have a tool on your mobile device that will improve the service experience of your operators and your customers.


Integrate nixi1 with the technologies your business uses

Regulatory compliance

Designed in compliance with international regulations and legislation such as the RGPD.

Local technical support

24/7 assistance for you and your team, in Spanish, with local presence in Spain.

Extreme cyber security

Certified with the highest level of IT security (PCI DSS, ISO 27000).

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