Importance of Marketing in companies

Mar 30, 2023 | Marketing

Sandra Díaz

Sandra Díaz

Importance of Marketing in Business

The Importance of Marketing in 2023

What is Marketing? If we had to define it in a short sentence, we could say that Marketing is ''the best ally of the company'', it helps to increase its sales, its positioning and brand image and its projection, in addition, it helps to create and maintain a loyal customer base to the brand.

Their industry significantly influences our daily lives, consciously and unconsciously. We must bear in mind that, daily, we receive an average of 6,000 advertising impacts.however, we are only able to retain a maximum of 18 messages that will subsequently generate a memory. Without a good brandingwe will be one more of those 5,982 messages screened.

That is why, nowadays, we can no longer say that marketing only seeks to sell the product, but that it also seeks to awaken us to the fact that the product is not only a product, but also a product. emotions as consumers, creating a personal connection between the brand and the consumer.

It is clear that the impact of the marketing that we receive on a daily basis affects our decisions, This is where the importance of marketing in companies comes in.

It is important to implement strategies to inbound MarketingThe aim is to attract-convert-sell-loyalty, through brand positioning strategies, sales strategies, social media strategies, content strategies, branding, neuromarketing... always applying them around the objectives that have been previously defined.

In this article we will focus on the importance of the branding for any brand.

The importance of branding

It is essential, it distinguishes us from competitors and gives us a unique brand identity in the minds of potential customers and consumers.

The branding generates recognition and loyalty of customers, differentiation from the competition in a saturated market where many similar products or services are offered.

Increases the value branding by making it stronger and more recognisable, making a strong brand power influence the brand's purchasing decision of consumers, in addition, it allows for a effective communication with customers, as it seeks to convey the values and the personality of the company, which can help customers feel more comfortable with the company's connected and committed to the brand and this clearly has a direct impact on the company profits.

importance of marketing and branding in companies

In summary, the importance of marketing is that it is fundamental to the success of any organisation as it helps to identify and satisfy consumer needs, generate sales, build relationships and so on.

And, the brandingis an essential tool for any company as it generates customer recognition and loyalty, increases brand value and enables effective communication with customers.

Were you aware of the true importance of marketing?

Saving on Marketing or investing in the future?


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