BPM, AI and omni-channel tools

Feb 10, 2023 | BPM

Pedro González

Pedro González

Chief Data Science

BPM tools

BPM tools, new recipes

BPM o Business Process Management is a working methodology that was consolidated during the 1980s and involves organising a company's operations in a cross-cutting manner to facilitate inter-area collaboration by adopting a customer-focused approach.

It involves taking a census of a company's relevant processes and organising them by activities that cut across the organisation.

On the other hand, the BPM tools that proliferated during the last years of the last century serve to support the organisation of the activity by processes, providing automation where this is feasible, traceability of operations and optimisation in an environment of continuous improvement.

In my opinion, what seems most relevant about these tools is that they allowed a strategy to be deployed at the operational level of the company, i.e. to implement the strategy.

It is well known that strategies often fail not so much because of their formulation, but more because of the difficulty involved in their operational implementation in an organisation.

New ingredients for BPM tools

In recent years, new ingredients have emerged that should be considered to reformulate the traditional recipe for a BPM tool.

The omnichannel represents a paradigm shift in B2C communication. Communication channels on social networks and instant messaging complement and in some cases deprecate classic channels such as telephone or email.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) in its current state of development has also, as in many other areas, the potential to change the way companies respond to their customers' needs and the way they communicate with them.

BPM tools

While the very nature of the product or service a company provides will continue to be one of the keys to its success, the "servduction"(production of services) will also be.

Many of the services we will be consuming in 10 years' time have not yet been invented. The scope for innovation in this field is enormous. The challenges undoubtedly are too.

In the nixi1 solution, we are combining these ingredients: BPM, Omnichannel and AI over SmartChat to help our customers address these challenges and innovate their own recipes. 👉 Find out how to.


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